Why Your MINI Cooper Needs A Strut Tower Brace

By Myteebrite on May 13, 2013 in News
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The modern MINI Cooper is a wonderful car. MINI is owned by BMW and the BMW build quality is evident throughout the car. That said the car is not perfect.  One weak area involves problems with the strut towers.

It is well documented that the modern MINI’s have a problem with the strut towers, especially on cars with low aspect ratio tires.  When using a low aspect ratio tire there is less give in the tire and any heavy impact, such as a large pot hole, will cause the energy from the impact to be transferred to the shock tower causing it to mushroom.  Mushrooming can also be caused by many small events as well. Mushrooming is a term that is used when the metal around the top of the strut tower stretches from its original shape.

M7 Tuning Strut Tower Brace With Anti-Ballooning Plates

M7 Tuning Strut Tower Brace With Anti-Ballooning Plates

Once the strut towers have mushroomed you might notice the car pulling towards one side or the other. This means the car is no longer in alignment. Once mushrooming occurs, it may be impossible to properly align the car without repairing the strut towers.

The solution to prevent mushrooming is to purchase and install a strut tower brace with an integrated anti-mushrooming plate. The anti-mushrooming plates are made from thick plate metal and attach directly to the top of the strut tower. To add even more strength, a bar is placed between the two towers to prevent them from moving sideways.

Top quality strut bars with integrated anti-ballooning plates are available from companies like M7 Tuning. Don’t wait for the strut towers to balloon on your MINI. Order and install a strut tower brace system today!

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