Upgrade Your MINI With A Set Of 400cc or 440cc Fuel Injectors

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The late model MINI Coopers  (R50, R53 and R53) are neat little cars that are easily modified. They are small in size and light weight, and even the smallest engine modification is noticeable.  There is an entire sub culture of people that live and thrive just to enjoy the performance of their MINI’s and the performance gains that are easily accessible.

Some of the most popular engine upgrades include overdrive supercharger pulleys, cold air intake systems, nitrous systems, exhaust upgrades and engine tuning kits. To really take advantage of these upgrades it is highly recommended that a set of bigger fuel injector be installed.

M7 Tuning 400cc / 440cc fuel injectors for the MINI Cooper

M7 Tuning 400cc / 440cc fuel injectors for the MINI Cooper

The stock fuel injectors only flow 360cc/min (cubic centimeters/minute @ 100% duty cycle) and are designed to run at an 80% duty cycle on a stock unmodified engine.  A modified motor can easily go into a lean condition with injectors this small which cannot supply enough fuel for the added air being supplied by the modifications. (duty cycle will shoot to 100% under these conditions). When the motor goes lean, the knock sensor tells the ECU to take timing out of the motor until the detonation stops. This absolutely kills the performance of the motor and in some cases the computer will retard the timing so much that the motor is making less horse power than a stock motor. A worst case scenario could include catastrophic engine failure like a melted piston.

M7 Tuning is one of the only companies that offer 400cc and 440cc injectors for these cars. Bosch makes a set of 550cc injector but these are way too big for all but the most highly modified MINI’s. If you plan to do any modifications to the engine in your MINI you should seriously consider ordering a set of the M7 Tuning injectors. Installation is easy to do and requires only a few hours and basic tools to complete the job.

Keep in mind that this is a refundable core charge for the M7 Tuning injectors, but that charge can be avoided by sending in your old injectors first.

Take advantage of every single horse power your MINI is capable of producing. Don’t leave anything on the table when it comes to getting the most out of your MINI engine. Order a set of M7 Tuning 400cc or 440cc injectors today!


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