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By Myteebrite on April 23, 2013 in Inspiration
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You’ve seen them before.  MINI hood scoops that look very different from the stock hood scoops the MINI came with when it left the factory. What prompts owners to upgrade their factory hood scoops? Where do you find these scoops? Are they difficult to install? Let’s answer these questions.

There are a couple reasons a MINI owner may choose to upgrade their hood scoop. First, they permit more air to enter the engine through the larger opening in the scoop. More air into the motor means more power. Second, the additional volume of fresh air helps drop the temperature of the air feeding the motor. This is especially important on a turbocharged or supercharged engine. Cool air means more power. Third, an aftermarket scoop provides a much more aggressive look to the front end of the car.

The leader innovator in MINI Hood Scoop manufacturing is M7 Tuning.  They make hood scoops for both the R53 and R56 models. What I like about the M7 Tuning’s version of their hood scoops is the fit and finish of their product, along with the test proven engine performance gains. They are manufactured from high quality, hand laid and hand finished fiberglass. There are also available in a carbon fiber finish, too. The fiberglass version of their scoop comes ready to paint and is designed to fit into the factory mounting holes without any modifications. They are very simple DIY projects that any owner with minimum mechanical skills can install. They offer a number of good looking high performance scoops:

Extreme Hood Scoop

M7 Extreme Hood Scoop – This scoop comes with a very aggressive look. It provides max air flow and feeds cold air directly to the motor.

M7 Vortex 1 Scoop– This scoop is more aggressive than the stock hood scoop (less so than the Extreme) and comes equipped with vortex generators placed onto surface of the scoop to enhance airflow.

Vortec 1

M7 Ram Hood Scoop – a less aggressive version of the Extreme Hood Scoop.

Ram Hood Scoop

M7 DFIC Baby Scoop – The Baby Scoop is designed to take air from the front of the car and channel it under the M7 DFIC. This helps to lower the under-the-hood air temperatures. It does not feed air directly to the motor.

If you want to increase the performance of your MINI engine while at the same time differentiating the look of your MINI, look no further than a hood scoop from M7 Tuning! To learn more about M7 Tuning and their selection of hood scoops please visit

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