get to know the myteebrite group

The Myteebrite Performance Group is group of e-commerce and manufacturing business focusing solely on the performance automotive aftermarket niche. Our business model is based on technology, present demand, and future opportunities within this marketplace. Our growth comes from organically developing our own brands and from strategic acquisitions.

Many people say that the Internet is the future but at Myteebrite we know the future is now. The internet is the most important equity building and marketing tool we will have access to in our lifetime. The current business environment requires immediate results, streamlined costs and increased productivity; all of which need to scale at a moment’s notice. Technology is driving these requirements and will also provide the solution to meet them.

Located in “Race City USA,” Mooresville, North Carolina, Myteebrite is a privately held corporation with a passion for the automotive aftermarket and a belief system that the future offers unlimited opportunities. It currently represents over thirty aftermarket brands in a direct distributor or dealer relationship.

Founder and CEO Mark Catania is a lifelong gear head with over 35 years of automotive, professional motorsport and entrepreneurial experience. Located in the 21st century epicenter of North American motorsports and the performance aftermarket, Myteebrite has direct access to world class automotive technology and a highly skilled workforce with performance automotive background.

The Myteebrite Group is always vigorously seeking business relationships with leading edge technology providers, product manufacturers and wholesale distributors who understand this new age of “re-think” and who share a common vision of opportunity, profitability and growth.

At Myteebrite we’re driving the future of automotive aftermarket ecommerce.