Extreme Synthetics

Serving the global lubrication and fuel additive market

OilandAdditives.com and ExtremeSynthetics.com are two new niche website owned by The Myteebrite Performance Group focusing an the global lubrication and fuel additive market.  Breakthroughs in technology and chemical engineering is rapidly finding its way into all markets of the transportation industry.  Better lubrication engineering and synthetic fluids reduce friction which results in improved efficiency (better MPG), cooler engine temperatures, reduces wear and allows for longer drain intervals.  This all adds up to saving money, reducing oil consumption and making our carbon footprint smaller.

New internal combustion engine designs for both gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles are requiring the use of fuel additives to keep them operating at peak performance.

Low sulfur diesel fuel requires lubrication additives to keep the extremely high pressure fuel pumps (>30,000 PSI) and ultra fast electronic fuel injectors performing at absolute top performance. The low cetane values of North American diesel can be helped with cetane booster additive bring top performance back to todays ultra clean Diesel engine systems.

Common rail direct injection gasoline engines also can be kept in top running condition with simple pour in tank fuel additives, cleaners and octane boosters.